Shara Frederick

Childbirth Educator

Shara is a Childbirth Educator and Doula in New York City. She is a passionate member of the childbirth community and a recently certified and licensed midwife. 


This past Saturday we welcomed a little girl into our lives and I wanted to sincerely thank you for your class - I employed everything you taught to be a good birth partner, and it was the most wonderful day of my life to see that little girl in my wife’s arms and get to hold them both. Both midwives suggested I look into being a doula, but seriously it was great to play a small but positive role supporting my amazing wife. I will be sure to continue suggesting you to other soon to be parents we know.
— Mike
Shara was a godsend to us after the birth of our first son. She made the transition to having a baby much easier. She was instrumental in teaching me how to care for myself and the baby after delivery. She also taught my husband techniques to sooth our baby. He had never been around babies and Shara’s assistance has helped him gain confidence in taking care of our son. We would highly recommend her.
— Pamela & Brian
Luke was born on Sept 13th 8 lbs, 5 oz 21 inches long. I have to thank you again so much for the time you spent with Tim and I. I felt so much more prepared for labor and delivery because of you. We were sooo happy to have had your advice and it all just made us feel more relaxed throughout the whole process. So thank you thank you thank you! I have many pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends and will be passing along your information to everyone.
— Jenn
From the first time we met Shara until the postpartum visit, she was warm and caring, very knowledgeable and helped to make the entire birth experience as positive as it could be. More than that, Shara is a solid and calming presence in the delivery room and at home beforehand. We can’t thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone seeking a Doula.
— Jeremy
Shara is a good teacher, always eye level, funny and knowledgeable, but I think her most remarkable trait is her ability to be nonjudgmental. This is easily said but it can be hard to do, and in a topic like childbirth where there can be so many different opinions in one room - opinions that are often highly emotional - it’s a high wire act.
— Mathias
It is hard to put into words how helpful it was to have you there. My emotional and physical needs were met in the most wonderful ways. You knew what I needed. Having you there was the best decision we made. You helped alleviate the stress of what at times was extremely stressful, by talking me through difficult situations, using touch to comfort me and using scents and lotions to relax me. You helped us to have a labor experience as close as possible to what we envisioned. The beautiful photos that you took are very special to us.
— Sarah
My husband and I took her May Saturday series and absolutely loved our class and everything that we learned. Shara helped us navigate our options and feel that we can make informed decisions to support our wish of having a natural birth even though we will be delivering at NYU Hospital. She is an expert at conveying complex information in a way that seems friendly and inclusive (she really helps involve the Dads too, which I loved!). I am due a week from Sunday and feel really ready and empowered by everything we learned.
— Zoe
Shara’s presence while I was in labor was crucial. She was a rock - so strong physically and emotionally. She helped me focus on my breathing and get through some really painful contractions. She was constantly there rubbing my back or chest which really felt so good at such an uncomfortable time. I would highly recommend Shara.
— Rachel
Shara provided the perfect blend of soothing support and a firm hand during my four day labor. She helped manage difficulties and turn a challenging process into a joyful event. I can’t say how glad I am to have worked with her.
— Gwendolyn
I just want to highly recommend Shara’s class - we took it last weekend and it was enlightening, encouraging, and eye-opening! She is warm, engaging and well informed and I feel much more armed and ready now for the events ahead (though I am sure all the moms out there are laughing at me right now...)
— Beth
Having a Doula enabled me to be there for my wife in a way beyond what I would have been able to do on my own! We made a great team. Thanks, Shara!
— Ben
My husband and I loved Shara’s class and Shara herself. She is so knowledgeable and very warm - she covered a lot of ground and created a great environment to explore what we wanted our experience to be.
— Susie
She is very knowledgeable, nonjudgemental, sweet, caring, laid back, down-to-earth, unpretentious, I cannot say enough good things about her, I was just so happy we lucked out and found such a great teacher!
— Eliza