Shara Frederick

Childbirth Educator

Shara is a Childbirth Educator and Doula in New York City. She is a passionate member of the childbirth community and a recently certified and licensed midwife. 



Labor Support

I will attend your birth to be a quiet, supportive, and knowledgeable presence. My role is to understand how I can serve your family and help you make the choices that are right for you and your partner. Doulas are not clinical care providers, instead our job is to support families making the transition - practical, emotional and physical - from pregnancy to postpartum. 

My role as labor support changes with the unique needs and wishes of the families I work with. 

Postpartum Support

My goal as a postpartum doula is to help you become the “expert” on caring for your baby. I will help you gain confidence by answering your questions, showing you soothing techniques and helping you learn your baby's cues. I provide breastfeeding support, self-care for a postpartum mom, newborn care, organizing the house for baby, meal preparation, laundry/errands and answering even your most far-out questions (or referring you to someone who can). 

Depending on what you need, I can come to you once for several hours, or for a few hours a day for several days or even weeks. Many of my Labor Support clients continue to work with me postpartum for continuity of care, but I can assist you postpartum regardless of whether or not we’ve worked together at your birth.

These services are no longer available. contact me for referrals, or information about the Midwifery Practice I work in.  

For more info about working with me as your Doula, see my FAQs